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Learn with a Poster” is an idea by giudansky.com.

What’s “Learn with a poster”?

Everything you need you love, in a single map. What does it mean? We want to create mindmap artboards, the perfect notes, everything on a single sheet. An infographic poster that must be both useful and beautiful.

Applications short-cuts, sailing theory rules, classic architecture definitions, there must be almost everything for each subject and you must like it. We’re working on different arguments, subjects and softwares to create the perfect reference map.

In a single sight it must resume and teach the notion or function you’re looking for. Looks like a mess? Remember, in these highly detailed artboards, “size matters”: elements are hierarchically organized in importance, by their dimension.

An on going work

The posters may look like finished artworks, but are an on-going work, and are often being updated. They will grow in dimensions, density and details; it’s never a final version. We’ll add notions, graphics and illustrations in time; sometimes following your suggestions and requests. If you purchase the “current” version, you get the latest update. If you acquire the “advanced” version, you’ll be able to download future updates – if and when available – within a year.
Your purchases will encourage to enhance the illustrations.

What we sell

Not necessarily something. The posters are free of charge in a decently high resolution; enough to read almost every tip or detail. You can find them on www.giudansky.com. But if you really love them, you can contribute and buy the very high original resolution: vectors or giant raster images. You can use them to print in any size and any support (Only for personal use).

We do not ship any printed product actually, only digital downloads are available: we prefer eco and instantaneity; It does not seem eco-friendly shipping a piece of paper to the other side of the world.