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“All about sailing” poster infographic update

Update 28/08/2016, ver. 1.36

Added some nautical terms and minor fixes on the english version. I removed the previous generic oar boat and drew dinghy boat with a mast. Islands directions are bigger and added to the legenda as “local informations”. And most important, the illustrations now covers over the margins. On the left the new Dinghy illustration included in the poster.

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“All about sailing in a Map” is available on Learn with a Poster store.

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Learn the power of Blender 3d

Blender infographic poster as previously announced, is evolving: not only shortcuts but an entire mind map with the blender knowledge.

Many of you are already scared by complexity, others are suggesting to add a lot more shortcuts: but my goal is not to simply list EVERYTHING. I just want to map as much as I can choosing the most useful functions and killer tips.

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Learn with a Poster

Learn with a Poster” is online. An idea by

Making the “Blender 3d infographic poster” or “All the Sailing in a poster“, the goal was to design everything you need of a specific subject, in a single map. Better saying “everything you love“. We wanted to create mindmap artboards, the perfect notes on a single sheet. An infographic poster both useful and beautiful.

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Blender infographic update

More tips, more icons, layout optimization, better elements size hierarchy. I’m encouraged to update this infographic because it went viral. I had hundreds of feedbacks and thanks from all around the world, witnessing the ever growing Blender community. Teachers, students, architects, engineers, artists, even some from people who just liked the infographic layout itself without knowing its use. I received photos from blender classrooms and from workshops: my blender poster was on the desk or hanged to the wall.

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Oh yes, infographics are viral!

I’m quite enthusiastic about “Learn Blender3d with a poster” Infographic map getting viral. Hundreds of resharings, comments, hints, articles, forum discussions, newsletters; feedbacks from everywhere. Thanks to all, you gave me many suggestions and tips about it. I’m so glad my work was considered so important. I’ve been contacted by students, artists, teachers, architects, graphic designers, engeneers, gamers, modelers, editors. Everyone so grateful just because I made and shared this piece of paper.
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