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Blender 4 and geometry nodes

New Update for Blender 4: More Density, More Tips, More Shortcuts

Blender’s infographic poster has never been so dense and detailed! If you previously hated it, you might have even more reasons, but if you loved it, your appreciation is set to increase even further!

I’ve introduced a new section on geometry nodes with basic configurations. While it will require consistent further updates, it breaks new space for this awesome tool. Personally I found the new “tools mode”, a fantastic addition: you’re now able to make custon tools in Blender without writing a single line of code.

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Blender poster 3.1 update

Suzanne with a pirate hat! I finally updated the shortcut infographic poster with new Blender 3.1 functions and shortcuts.

the knife angle constrain relative to screen or edge direction and the knife measure tool is my favourite update from Blender. Asset browser is finally the best way to organize and storing objects looking to reuse them across projects (waiting for collection id asset compatibility!).

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Blender poster, a colorful update

Suzanne in late summer look with glasses is introducing 2.9, with a colorful poster update.

Non manifold extrude is probably the most intriguing modeling update in Blender 2.9. I was waiting it for a long time, since I tried Google SketchUp, and I think it could be the default extruding option. Now it’s included as a tip into the infographic.

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#Istayathome edition

New update for Blender Poster, 24/03/2020 release. Covid-19 quarantine is really having strong (good) consequences in learning Blender. Quarantine is having the counterstrike in giving us so much time learning and experimenting with Blender. I hope it will be the right time for everyone to rise up the learning curve; it’s indeed much better than the sad stats of sicks and deaths from newsreports.

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Blender 2.79 and custom orientation

A new version for “Learn blender with a poster”, 1.73 for Blender 2.79. As today, the Blender infographic poster has been downloaded more than 110.000 times, and I’m so glad. Developers, teachers and designers are really loving this giant shortcut map and I’m encouraged to update. Thanks for all the suggestions and hints about it.

As it is evolving now with so dense and complex diagrams (I’m also getting many complaints about it) it’s not only a list of shortcuts. It’s basically my reference mind map of functions in blender. I’m including every note or tip I risk to forget in time and I use it to plan my workflow on every modeling project.

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Blender 2.78, carving, curves and inputs

The version 1.6 of Learn Blender with a Poster introduce some of the new functions from Blender 2.78. New mustload add-ons: Carves, Archimesh, Measure It. Edit mode select region (ctrl+shift+RC). Driver inputs (ctrl+d), very useful to sync transformations on different axis. More connections between nodes, I’m really trying to tie functions and techniques. Minor fixes and graphic improvements.

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