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Learn Blender 3d with a poster infographic! All the notes, tips and shorcuts in a single sheet map.

Digital download.

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New for Blender 2.9!

Learn how to use Blender 3d with a poster! All you need for your favorite modeling software, a mind map to keep everything at hand, the many features without forgetting anything.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This map is the result of direct experience with the software, made by 3d modelers for 3d modelers.

You can find hundreds of tips and tricks, everything in the right place. Does it seem too complex? Remember that “size matters”: functions are hierarchically organized based on the size of the elements! Hang it on the wall of your office or keep it on your desk.

The poster is on-going work, and is often updated. If you purchase the “current” version, you get the latest update. If you acquire the “advanced” version, you’ll be able to download future updates. Your purchase will encourage to enhance the subject. Learn more

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We want to be sure, that you buy it because you love it. This work is the result of much time and passion and it was made to be free of charge. You can download it at a decent resolution that will allow you to read everything, on the following link: Learn blender with a poster infographic!


This digital product is for personal use only. Not for commercial use or distribution. You’re not allowed to modify in any way this work or redistribute in any form except the raster version at the previous link. In any case, credit

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