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All the camera work on a single frame poster infographic

The meaning of photography, history, basic settings, basic rules and shortcuts, focal lengths, viewfinder, developing and printing, studio settings and artificial lights, histogram of light, post production, photographer backpack, storage and backup, prints and formats

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Everything you love about photography in a single giant poster infographic: All the camera work on a single frame! A long work of design, driven by a personal and professional passion for photography. As a technical discipline and evolution of artistic expression. A visual reference to theory and practical tips, with guidelines and personal notes collected during my personal professional experience on the field, scholar tips and notes, courses material, ideas and much more. Buy the poster as a digital download in full poster format (c.a. 70×100 cm, 300 dpi), printable in any size.

The poster is on-going work, and is often updated. If you purchase the “current” version, you get the latest update. If you acquire the “advanced” version, you’ll be able to download future updates. Your purchases will encourage to enhance the subject. Learn more


This digital product is for personal use only. Not for commercial use, not for any kind of advertising, not for distribution. You’re not allowed to modify in any way this work or redistribute in any form. You can print all the copies you want for personal use (No commercial, no adv, no modifications). Read licence terms and conditions.

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We want to be sure, that you buy it because you love it. This work is the result of much time and passion and it was made to be free of charge. You can download it at a decent screen resolution that will allow you to read everything, on the following link: Photography on a single frame

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The poster is designed and signed by GiulianoD’Angelo. © 2022 You can read the work in progress posts and updates on the blog section. Follow me for updates on socials.

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raster pdf. poster format (70×100 cm), 300dpi


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